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Here is a listing of the must-read posts of this blog. I've divided it up into History, - yes, we have owned this farm for almost ten years and we have a substantial amount of history here, - Chocolate, Agricultural, and Miscellaneous sections.

Making chocolate is a distinctly different enterprise from growing cacao. The care of cacao seedlings, pruning, fertilizing, etc are all fascinating subjects for me yet could be terribly boring for someone who just wants to know how we make out chocolate. And the agricultural section will also include reports on growing coffee or making sugar or just how incredibly difficult it can be to get rid of invasive (yet pretty) plants like "mani."


The History of the Chocolate Farm

We are planting 1,500 trees!

Our Big Meeting

Repairing the Drying Rack

Lara's Blog, final installment (must read for a sense of what it is like on our farm.)

Lara's Blog, chapter Three

Lara's Blog, chapter Two

Lara's Blog, chapter One

When the House is Finished, The Work Begins

Making a Composting Toilet


New Years Harmonia - Newest Batch of Chocolate

Announcing Coto Brus!



Homegrown Disaster

Anna's Roast

Jeffrey Chocolate

Chocolate Reviews

Special Milk Chocolate

Midnight Emergency

Making our own Cacao Butter

Today's Flavors

Making Chocolate in Sonoma


Planting Corn

1,000 New Cacao Trees

Avalanche of Activity

Farm Projects

Making Sugar from our own Sugarcane

Harvesting Beans


Things Fall Apart

The Last Blog (not really!)

More Visitors (and they're teenagers!)

Bullock Cart Video

The Arrival of our First Guest


Hardheaded (Secret's adventures)

Driving the Mountain of Death

Scorpion Mother Video

Small Things

Little Treasures of Farm Life

Scorpions, Spiders and Poisonous Centipedes

No Impact Man

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